Chances are if something doesn’t feel right in your relationship, there’s a pretty good reason. If you are being manipulated, you can begin to second guess yourself, without even realizing why. Instead of second guessing what you are doing wrong in your relationship, you might want to make sure you are actually in the wrong […]

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The Power of Your Thoughts at a Cellular Level — The Meditating Blonde

Did you know that every thought you think affects your body at a cellular level? If you didn’t, now that you do it may be easier for you to be mindful of your thoughts, negative or positive, they affect your health. What are you saying to your body? Thinking negatively is possibly shortening your life […]

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When I looked into her eyes, I saw the whole universe. I was a mere spectrum in her existence, just a fragment of thought. She danced with the demons in my head and brought meaning to my life. Similarly, I awakened every sense of hers and we diverged in a nomadic state. Destiny awaited. Faith anticipated. Our love was an inevitable paradoxical reality.


Sometimes my anxiety would fire up so much that I had to literally stop myself and remember to breathe..deep and out..trying to ignore the surge of panic running through my body.

Some days were okay, other times I wanted to casually walk in front a bus. It was quite funny actually, and most people do indeed laugh about moodswings but when your emotions are an active roller-coaster there’s no telling what could happen.

It’s been 1 year, 4 months since she left me and up to this day..up to last night I have flashbacks and nightmares. I still can’t..come to terms with losing the person who loved me most in this world. I don’t feel her..I don’t sense her anymore and with each passing day I detach myself more and more from human interaction. 

It all feels so surreal sometimes. Not coming home to a mother. The burdens, the responsibilities, the inadequacies of a daughter..the guilt I felt. But somehow I kept going. Whether it was her love, divine intervention or a mixture of both, something within me kept fighting. 

I don’t know if there would ever be a day that I don’t feel..alone or empty..but if there’s one thing I learnt about life, is that it goes on. Nothing we do can change the past, or even alter the future, the present is all that matters. Everything else being trivial. 


” The path to enlightenment is tainted with mishaps and hurdles of impediments. The capacity to endure pain and discomfort marks the true essence of a man..the very core of human existence..suffering is an inevitable phenomenon which manifests itself into reawakening..”


I’ve realized that love isn’t always about long talks on the phone, romantic walks on the beach or even cuddling. I’ve learnt that love is making sure you ate, rides home from work and putting you to bed early because you have to get up early the next morning.

Love isn’t necessarily giving you what you want or spoiling you per say..but providing what you need. Love is taking you shopping for beauty products when you’re unemployed and encouraging you to save when you get that first paycheck . 

Love is the way he holds you when you just got fired from a job, or lost your mom..saying the most horrible things to each other in a fight but waiting to pick you up safely from work the next day even though he said he won’t..

Love is the random bites, the sarcastic slurs, the playful insults and mental breakdown at times. Love is hating someone so much but proving to them that you’d never leave their side. It’s accepting the apology you never got and leaving things in the past because the future means more to you.

Love is effortlessly being attractive when your hair is a mess and you didn’t have time for makeup. Love is recognizing your spouse’s flaws but still choosing them over perfection.

Love is the most extraordinary element of human interaction , and a means by which we flourish our is infinite..pure..and true.